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Exclusive Interiors from South Africa


Architects: Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) &

Antoni Associates (interiors division of SAOTA)

I warn you these interiors are luxe!

Luxe in terms of good life, luxe in terms of clean lines, luxe in terms of sculptural looks, luxe in minimalism, a distinctive African touch and creating little points of interests.

South African architects Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA) amaze me not only with their sheer volume of work in architecture, interiors and products but in quality of work too.

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Musical Rang

rangamahal interiors

Architects: ONG & ONG

(Team director: Teo Boon Kiat)

Singapore based multi-national architectural firm Ong & Ong designed this Rang Mahal Pavilion (part of  Resorts World Sentosa) inspired by India. Indian musical instruments play a great part in décor and lighting of this restaurant.

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Lace Garden!

Lace Garden by Anouk Vogel

(nickname: Bride’s Garden)

This eye candy garden is planted with white-flowering shrubs, bulbs and perennials which looks like lace with existing green. The literal twist is given with a lacy wire fence!

The Swiss designer Anouk Vogel is a landscape architect who dabbles in creating gardens, temporary installations, buildings, interiors and street furniture. Her competition entries, concepts and realized work come from some dreamland to create utter magic. There is always some poetry, birdie, lace and not to forget strength present in all her work.

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Earth, Water and Comfort

Auromode Studio by architect Andre Hababou

How pristine and earthy a structure can get!

Auroville is the place where most of the houses or buildings have lightest carbon footprints.

Andre Hababou, chief architect of Auromodele Atelier also explores the latest technologies for comfort of modern living without agonizing nature rather creating green environment.

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