tour a Swedish home

First you take the tour and then only I will let you know about the interior designer and owner of this home!


do you want to sit by the logs, on the floor…


or by the books, on the stairs…


taking in baked aroma or…


or dancing around blue column…



no, I won’t ask you to occupy this ?for long but I know you will…


Absolutely clean lines, just enough colours and a few objects of interest which makes this house alive with pristine buzz. Verdict is clear the owner of this home has a clarity, simplicity and elegance which sink in.

Purple of Purple Area is into interior designing besides her regular job and a blog!

(So, many of you know now!)

Recently when I stumbled upon her beautiful bilingual blog, I immediately started exploring. Her home just hooked me in.

And if you think she can’t revel in colours, geometry and flowers; here are a few more glimpses of her understated creativity…..

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glimpses of Goa


Baga beach

I still have a few conch shells and pebbles I had picked up from beaches of Goa when I went there as a teenager. There was no Konkan Rail at that time and so no Konkan Ghat stunning scenic beauty on our way to Goa from Mumbai. But I remember being surrounded in the mist of ocean while coming back at night by bus.

Through these random images I hope you get the whole picture of Goa- today and history as well as architecture. The Portuguese encounter in Goa has ensured uniqueness in culture and architecture.


raj angan (courtyard)

This is a traditional Hindu courtyard surrounded by a colonnaded gallery called ‘chouki’.


velha Goa-old Goa


the Portuguese lady by famous Goan artist Mario Miranda


fishermen @ Zuari river Goa

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nine nights

view-from-zanana-gargi-rain.gif feminism.gif doli.gif 

  view from zanana,         feminism,                      doli

me-and-my-pet-nazia-pithapurwala.gif bharti-prajapati.gif the-frenchmans-house.gif 

me and my pet,                 untitled,              the frenchman’s housedistant-boat-suman-gupta.giflady-in-pink-jignasa-doshi.gifbehind-the-plants-rita-mitra.gif 

distant boat,                       lady in pink,               behind the plants

Navratri-nine nights, the Indian festival is going to end tonight. Different parts of India celebrate it differently. (How and why see here, here and here.)

But mainly, nine forms of  Shakti (power) (metaphor for goddess Durga) i.e. female divinity are worshipped.

Here is my modern way to celebrate navratri with nine Indian women artists’ work on canvas about women’s -emotions, situation, modernity, entrapment and hopes…..

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